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How to say “Orange” and “Mikan” in Japanese

Orenji (オレンジ) Meaning : Orange Romaji: Orenji Hiragana:おれんじ Katakana:オレンジ Kanji: 橙 (Daidai) The color orange is written as orange in Japanese, and the fruit orange is also written as orange. The color orange is written as Daidai iro(橙色) in kanji. The kanji for Daidai is difficult, so even Japanese people …

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20 Must-Visit Manga Cafés in Tokyo

Do you know Manga cafés? Manga cafés are 24-hour Internet cafés where people can read manga in a relaxing environment. Most cafes provide additional services, such as TV, video games, and showers. Over 70% of Manga cafes are used for overnight stays as an alternative to hotels. There are good …

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The Traditional Fast Foods of Japan

When we think about ‘fast-food’ it’s likely that burgers, hot dogs, fish & chips, kebabs, or other processed, take away foods will spring to mind – and we all know how unhealthy it is to consume such foods on a regular basis! Of course, Western style fast-foods are just as …

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