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“KitKat” Celebrates 50th Anniversary: Two Flavors in One Bite with “Whole Wheat Biscuit In” and “Original”

https://nestle.jp/kitkat/yokubari-w “KitKat” releases a new product to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its release in Japan, the “KitKat Mini Yokubari Double,” which makes you enjoy two flavors at once – “Whole Wheat Biscuit In” and “Original.” “KitKat” originated in the UK and is sold in over 80 countries worldwide. Since …

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204 Kit Kat Flavors from Japan

Are you tired and bored of eating the same chocolate all the time? Well, a brand of chocolate in Japan offers not just one chocolate flavor but a whole range of delightful ones. Kitkat has become one of Japan’s most interesting chocolate makers because of its delicious, intriguing, and tempting …

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