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10 Best Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder 2023

10. Uji Tea from Kyoto Furukatsu Seichajou Otegaru Matcha 9. LOHAStyle Cha no Shizuku Nishio Matcha 8. Oigawa Chaen Shizuoka Matcha 7. Kougetsu-en Uji Matcha Powder 6. Miyazaki Matcha Powder 5. ITO-EN Oi Ocha Matcha Powder 4. AGF Blendy Matcha Ippuku 3. Organic Matcha Powder for Organic Sweets 2. Morihan …

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The 30 Best Matcha Restaurants in Kyoto 2023

Kyoto is reminiscent of Japan’s long history since the Edo period, with plenty of well-preserved remnants everywhere. But why do so many visitors flock to the city? It is not only due to those sightseeing sites, but numerous signature delicacies in Kyoto, namely Matcha sweets. Have no idea where to …

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Discover the best matcha confectionery in Tokyo 2023

As a cosmopolitan city, Tokyo is renowned as a gourmet paradise. In particular, matcha confectionery is one of the delicacies cherished by both visitors and local Japanese. Matcha is a kind of traditional Japanese green tea and is made of tea leaves crushed into powder, bringing immense benefits to health. …

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