Discover the best matcha confectionery in Tokyo 2023

As a cosmopolitan city, Tokyo is renowned as a gourmet paradise. In particular, matcha confectionery is one of the delicacies cherished by both visitors and local Japanese.

Matcha is a kind of traditional Japanese green tea and is made of tea leaves crushed into powder, bringing immense benefits to health. You might be curious, about how the simple matcha ingredient can be transformed into a series of tempting desserts. A total of 30 recommendations on matcha confectionery in Tokyo will be introduced as follows.

Discover the best matcha confectionery in Tokyo

1. Parfait: Kyouhayashiya (Ikebukuro)

Parfait: Kyouhayashiya (Ikebukuro)

To start off your gourmet journey in Tokyo, the first dessert is undoubtedly a matcha parfait. Head to the nationwide famous shop, “Kyouhayashiya” to try its authentic matcha parfait, which comes with rich matcha ice cream, slightly bitter matcha jelly, chewy shiratama (sweet white dumpling), and smooth cream. It is just a fantastic dessert that can please everyone!

Parfait: Kyouhayashiya (Ikebukuro)


Name: Kyouhayashiya Seibu Ikebukuro Honten
Address: Seibu Ikebukuro Honten 8/F, Minamiikebukuro1-28-1, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0369142337
Opening hours: 11:00 – 23:00 (last order 22:30); 10:30 – 23:00 (last order 22:30) on Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays
Open every day
Price: 1134 (Matcha parfait);1290 yen (Koicha parfait)

2. Parfait: Kagurazaka Saryou (Kagurazaka)

Parfait: Kagurazaka Saryou (Kagurazaka)

Should you visit Tokyo’s hot spot, Shibuya, don’t forget to drop in “Kagurazaka Saryou” on the way. Order a marvelous matcha parfait and enjoy its matcha ice cream, sweet bean jam, and matcha bavarois which all taste excellent. Matcha frozen s’more is also another brilliant option.

Name: Kagurazaka Saryou
Address: 5-9, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0332660880
Opening hours: 11:30 – 23:00 (last order 22:00); Sundays & public holidays 11:30 – 22:00 (last order 21:00)
Irregular day off; closed on 1st January: Open at 11:30 – 18:00 on 2nd – 4th January
Price: 810 yen (Ochakaorusaryounowa parfait); 810 yen (Matcha frozen s’more)

3. Parfait: Chachanoma (Omotesando)

Parfait: Chachanoma (Omotesando)

While visiting Japan, many of you are probably looking for a traditional Japanese tea house to chill out. Don’t miss “Chachanoma” in Omotesando, which is a Japanese tea specialty cafe with sommeliers. Only a cup of green tea is quite dull, and therefore, the “chacha parfait” is highly recommended. You would love everything in the dainty dessert, matcha ice cream, shiratama, cubes of agar gelatin, bean jam, and warabi mochi (bracken-starch dumplings).

Name: Omotesando Chachanoma
Address: Jingumae 5-13-14, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0354688846
Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00
Closed on Mondays (except for public holidays on Mondays, in which case the shop will be open on the holiday and closed on Tuesday)
Price: 1800 yen (Chacha parfait & matcha set); 1500 yen (Chacha parfait & the day’s special tea set)

4. Parfait: Saryoutsujiri (Tokyo)

Parfait: Saryoutsujiri (Tokyo)

“Saryoutsujiri Daimaru” is a professional desert shop in Tokyo. A variety of parfait menus is available. If you pay attention to other customers’ picks, you will find many green-colored parfaits on their tables. Right, matcha parfait is the most popular menu there! Order one and you will effortlessly understand why it is so delicious.

Name: Saryoutsujiri Daimaru Tokyo-ten
Address: Daimaru Tokyo-ten 10/F, Marunouchi1-9-1, Chiyodaku, Tokyo
Tel: 0332143322
Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00 (last order 19:30); Thursdays & Fridays 10:00 – 21:00 (last order 20:30)
Irregular day off (follow Daimaru Tokyo-ten’s schedule)

5. Parfait: Nana’s Green Tea (Jyuugaoka)

Parfait: Nana’s Green Tea (Jyuugaoka)

Contrary to ordinary ones, the matcha parfait from “Nana’s Green Tea” is especially topped with tasty matcha gateau chocolate cake which enhances the parfait’s temptation. It can somehow get full easily by those ice cream and cakes on the parfait’s top. Don’t worry, the agar jelly layered in the parfait’s bottom is so light, fresh, and chewy to let you enjoy it until the end.

Name: Nana’s Green Tea (Jyuugaoka-ten)
Address: Jiyugaoka 1-29-18, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0337183552
Opening hours: 10:30 – 22:30; (Sundays) 10:30 – 21:30
Open every day
Price: 930 yen (Matcha gateau chocolate parfait); 790 yen (Matcha shiratama parfait)

6. Parfait: Morinoen (Ningyoucho)

Parfait: Morinoen (Ningyoucho)

“Morinoen” is a Japanese tea house renowned for its hojicha (roasted green tea). But its matcha parfait deserves our attention as well. Excellent sweets including matcha ice cream, bean jam, jelly, shiratama, and cubes of agar gelatin will definitely satisfy those who love matcha desserts. Besides, you may be curious about its “matcha beer”. Why not try on such an innovative beer flavor to quench your thirst on the journey?

Name: Morinoen
Address: Nihonbashi Ningyocho 2-4-9, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0336672666
Opening hours:
Shop on 1/F: 9:00-19:00
Amamidokoro cafe: 12:00 – 17:00 (after 17:00, you may visit another cafe Morinoen Karaoke Tea House within 50m distance which opens at 17:00 – 19:00 and provides the same menu)
Open every day
Price: 980 yen (Matcha parfait); 880 yen (Matcha beer)


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