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The 10 Types of Noodles For Ramen

What is Ramen? One of the most popular dishes in Japan, ramen is serving of Chinese wheat noodles in what is usually a pork or chicken-based broth and served with toppings such as sliced pork, seaweed and green onions. Now, that might not sound like much but from the variety …

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7 Types of Japanese Soba Noodles

Soba What is Soba? Made from buckwheat flour, soba is a traditional Japanese noodle dish and is considered to represent Japanese cuisine in the same way that sushi and tempura do. Easily underestimated because of the simpleness of its appearance, freshly made and eaten soba is truly one of the …

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The Traditional Fast Foods of Japan

When we think about ‘fast-food’ it’s likely that burgers, hot dogs, fish & chips, kebabs, or other processed, take away foods will spring to mind – and we all know how unhealthy it is to consume such foods on a regular basis! Of course, Western style fast-foods are just as …

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