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15 Best Quotes By Madara Uchiha In Japanese From Naruto

In Naruto, various enemy characters appear, but among them, “Uchiha Madara” is one of the strongest enemies. He was described as a legendary figure in Part 1 and very mysterious. Appeared in earnest in the war edition of Part 2. He has long black hair, his bangs hide his right …

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10 Best Quotes By Naruto Uzumaki In Japanese

Naruto’s lonely childhood, his separation from Sasuke, his master’s death, the secret of his birth, etc., lead a heroic life, and these words carry weight. Naruto leaves various quotes that make us feel empathy and pierce our hearts. So, let me introduce you to Uzumaki Naruto quotes. Massugu Jibunno Kotobawa …

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What Does “Dattebayo (だってばよ)” Mean In Japanese? (Naruto)

Dattebayo (だってばよ) Meaning: The phrase doesn’t have any meaning Romaji: Dattebayo Hiragana: だってばよ Katakana: ダッテバヨ Kanji:- “Dattebayo,” which is known as the catchphrase of the main character of the manga “NARUTO,” is translated into English as “Believe it,” but the phrase itself has no particular meaning and is an expression …

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