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What does “Yamete Kudasai (やめてください)” mean in Japanese?

Yamete Kudasai (やめてください) Meaning: Please stop it Romaji: Yamete Kudasai Hiragana: やめてください Katakana: ヤメテクダサイ Kanji: やめて下さい,辞めてください,止めてください Yamete is “stop” in English, Kudasai means please. Yamete Kudasai is a conversational word and is often written in hiragana. 辞めてください means, please quit. Since Yamete Kudasai is Keigo, women often use it in …

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What does “Sefure (セフレ)” mean in Japanese?

Sefure (セフレ) Meaning: Sex Friend Romaji: Sefure Hiragana: せふれ Katakana: セフレ Kanji: – Sefure is an abbreviation for sex friend. Since sex friend is written in katakana as “セックスフレンド,” it is abbreviated as “セフレ(Sefure).” Sefure writes in katakana, not hiragana. According to the Japanese dictionary, Sefure is “a partner who …

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