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What does “Nani” mean in Japanese internet slang ?

“Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” “Nani !?” You may have heard this meme once. This is the famous meme from the anime Fist of the North Star. So let’s talk about the meaning of this Nani today! What does “Nani” mean in Japanese internet slang? Meaning: What Romaji: Nani Hiragana: なに Katakana: …

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Red in Japanese: Is red the color of the Sun?

What does red have the most image for Japanese people in Japanese? It is a fire of Rengoku, who is popular in that demon slayer! Yes! For many Japanese, red is an image of the sun. Japanese Conception of Red Why is the color image of the sun “red” in …

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How to say “Green” in Japanese

Midori (緑) Romaji: Midori Hiragana:みどり Katakana:ミドリ Kanji: 緑 In Japanese, green things are often referred to as “blue.” For example, green vegetables such as spinach and Japanese mustard spinach are called “blue vegetables (青菜),” and green apples are called “blue apples (青リンゴ).” A traffic light is one of them, and …

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