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How to say “Bird” in Japanese

Tori (鳥) romaji :Tori hiragana:とり katakana:トリ Bird is Tori (鳥) in Japanese. The Kanji for birds (鳥) look like the kanji for crows (烏), so be careful when writing. ・公園にはいつも鳥がいる kouen niha itsumo toriga iru “There are always birds in the park.” ・私は鳥と遊ぶことが大好きです Watashi ha tori to asobukotoga daisuke desu …

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How to say “Cow” in Japanese

Ushi (牛) romaji :Ushi hiragana:うし katakana:ウシ The cow is Ushi in Japanese. Cattle are also Ushi. When we call the female cow that is cattle, it’s Meushi(雌牛). A male cow that is a Bull is Oushi (雄牛). ・あの牧場には牛がたくさんいる Ano Bokujou niha ushi ga takusan iru “There are a lot of …

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How to say music in Japanese

Ongaku (音楽) Romaji: Onguku Hiragana: おんがく Katakana: オンガク Kanji: 音楽 Music is Ongaku in Japanese. 音 means sound, and 楽 means enjoy. So the kanji “音楽” write to enjoy the sound. ・音楽をながして! Ongaku wo nagashite! “Play music” ・音楽を聴きたい Ongaku wo kikitai “I want to listen to music.” ・何の音楽が最近好きですか? Nanno ongaku …

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