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What does “Yoki (よき)” mean in Japanese?

Yoki (よき) Meaning: Good,Nice,Like,Cool Romaji: Yoki Hiragana: よき Katakana: ヨキ Kanji: 良き Yoki is an exclamatory word used by young people in Japan to mean “Like!” Around 2016, it became popular among young women in Japan as the word Gyaru. Yoki means “Like” because it is written as “良き” in …

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What does “Oyaji(おやじ)” mean in Japanese?

Oyaji (おやじ) Meaning: One’s dad, Older man, One’s boss Romaji: Oyaji Hiragana: おやじ Katakana: オヤジ Kanji: 親父 Antonym: Ofukuro (おふくろ) A friendly word (in informal situations, by a man) to his father. Women often call their father Otousan, papa, instead of Oyaji. Also, Oyaji is a word that can be …

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What does “Ara Ara (あらあら)” mean in Japanese?

Ara Ara (あらあら) Meaning: Oh dear, Oh me, Oh my Romaji: Ara Ara Hiragana: あらあら Katakana: アラアラ Kanji: 粗粗 Ara Ara is a Japanese expression, a word you say when you are moved or surprised (A term that repeats the interjection “Ara” twice) and means oh dear or oh my …

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