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10 Must-Try Cherry Blossom Products in Japan 2023

In Japan, a wide variety of sakura-related products are also released in addition to enjoying cherry blossom viewing during the season. This is because Sakura products are trendy among Japanese people. So this time, we will introduce ten sakura-related products! 10. Lipton tea Sakura flavor 9. SAKURA &NATURAL Fragrance Cream …

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10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom in 2023

10. Nakano BC Nadeshiko’s liquor “Temari” plum wine set 180ml x 6 gift box 9. Preserved flowers Mother’s Day gift box 8. Japanese sweets set including chestnut sweet bean paste, chestnut and persimmon, fresh cream, and daifuku 7. Mother’s Day Flower Potted Carnations 6. Bath salts and bath bombs for …

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10 Best DHC Supplements and Tablets in Japan 2023

10. DHC hyaluronic acid pill 9. DHC Melilot pill 8. DHC hyaluronic acid pill 7. DHC Zinc Pill 6. DHC Calcium / Magnesium pill 5. DHC Collagen pill for 30 days 4. DHC DHA pill for 30 days 3. DHC Vitamin C Pill 2. DHC Multi-Mineral Tablet 1. DHC Multi-Vitamin …

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