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The 30 Best Matcha Restaurants in Kyoto 2022

Kyoto is reminiscent of Japan’s long history since the Edo period, with plenty of well-preserved remnants everywhere. But why do so many visitors flock to the city? It is not only due to those sightseeing sites, but numerous signature delicacies in Kyoto, namely Matcha sweets. Have no idea where to …

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10 Must-Try Taiyaki Stores in Tokyo 2021

Are any of you out there are of a mind to eat taiyaki from the tail first. Or perhaps you are one of those who eat it from the head instead? Well, the season for that kind of chat has arrived you see, it’s winter! And here you are, on …

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What is Taiyaki? The first Japanese sweet I had ever tried was during winter in Setagaya, a suburb in south-western Tokyo. A local confectioner was making these little fish-shaped pieces of waffle, grilling them to shape on a specially designed mold. They weren’t expensive at all, around 100 yen or …

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