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How to say weird in Japanese

Hen (変) The word that best suits weird in Japanese is HEN which writes in Kanji as 変. ・変な人がいる!! Henna hitoga iru! “There’s a weird person.” When you look at Kanji HEN, some Japanese may imagine the 変質者, which means pervert. So It isn’t nice to say HEN NA HITO …

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Meaning of Doushite (どうして) in Japanese

Adverb How ・どうして(どうやって)時間をつぶそうか? Doushite zikan wo tsubusouka? “How do we spend our time?” ・最近彼女はどうしてるの? Saikin kanojo ha doushiteruno? “How’s she doing lately?” Why ・どうしてあなたはそんなにのろまなの? Doushite anataha sonnani noromanano? “Why are you so lazy?” ・どうしてあなたは人の話をきかないの? Doushite anataha hanashiwo kikanaino? “Why don’t you listen to people?” Just ・ドアを開こうとしたがどうしても開かない Doa wo hirakouto shitaga …

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14 Must-Try Takoyaki Stores in Tokyo 2023

You’ve had the experience of watching the bonito flakes dancing along the wafts of steam rising from simmering balls of the gooey batter cooking on the grill, right? That means winter is upon us and winter is truly the season for takoyaki. So together with family and friends, sit back …

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