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What does “Iku (いく,行く,逝く)” mean in Japanese?

Iku (行く) Meaning: Go Romaji: Iku Hiragana: いく Katakana: イク Kanji: 行く Iku is “Go” in English and means to proceed, move, or walk towards a destination. Iku also represents the continuation and progress of an action. For example, Yasete Iku means “Getting lose weight.” Umakuiku (うまくいく) Adding umaku before …

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10 types of Kaki No Tane snacks from Japan

What is Kaki No Tane? Kaki No Tane is a rice cracker originating in Japan with a soy sauce flavor and chili pepper spiciness. It is called Kai No Tane because it resembles the seed of the persimmon tree in color and shape. Kameda Seika(亀田製菓) is the top manufacturer of …

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