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What does “kaki (かき)” mean in Japanese?

This time, I will explain “kaki” in Japanese. There are so many meanings for “kaki” that you might hate learning Japanese. However, you will get used to it by learning it in context little by little. Kaki (牡蠣) Meaning: Oyster Romaji: Kaki Hiragana: かき Katakana: カキ Kanji: 牡蠣 Kaki(牡蠣) means …

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What does “Majime(真面目)” mean in Japanese?

Meaning: Seriousness Romaji: Majime Hiragana: まじめ Katakana: マジメ Kanji: 真面目 Majime means to be serious, earnest, and sincere. “Maji,” often used by young people, is an abbreviation for Majime, so Maji also means serious. What kind of men do you like? When we ask Japanese women, many usually say they …

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What does “Kaizoku (海賊)” mean in Japanese?

Meaning: Pirates Romaji: Kaizoku Hiragana: かいぞく Katakana: カイゾク Kanji: 海賊 The kanji for 海賊 means thief(賊) at sea(海). In Japanese, the bootleg is called Kaizokuban(海賊版). Kaizokuban is derived from the meaning of pirate or plunderer and has the meaning of copyright infringer or patent infringer. ・Kaizokuban no DVD wa nihonn …

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