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How to say “Lion” in Japanese

Raion (ライオン) romaji : Raion hiragana:らいおん katakana:ライオン kanji: 獅, alias 獅子(shishi), Hyakuju no ou(百獣の王) ・あの動物園にはライオンがいる Ano doubutsuen niha raion gairu “There is a lion in that zoo.” ・ライオンキングという映画は楽しかった raion kingu toiu eiga ha omosirokatta “The movie The Lion King was fun.” Lion Sounds Gao ガオー Why a lion can be …

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How to say “Oops” in Japanese

Interjections for your small mistakes and mistakes Ottotto (おっとっと)/Otto (おっと) romaji : Ottotto hiragana: おっとっと katakana: オットット Otto also has the same meaning as Ottotto. ・(ビールを注ぎすぎて) おっとっと! (bi-ruwo tsugisugite) Ottotto! “(When you pour too much beer) Oops!” A!(あ!) ・あ!テーブルにお茶をこぼしちゃった! A! teburuni ocha wo koboshichatta! “Oops! I spilled my tea on …

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How to say “Pig” in Japanese

Buta (豚) romaji :Buta hiragana:ぶた katakana:ブタ kanji:豚 ・豚を飼育することは大変です Buta wo shiiku surukotoha taihen desu “Raising pigs is hard.” The word Buta is also used to make a fool of the other person. Please refrain from using it as it will be abusive. . However, We sometimes use it for jokes …

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