Meaning of Aitai (会いたい) in Japanese


I want to meet you./I miss you.

I want to meet you

Romaji: Aitai



Kanji: 会いたい (Aitai), 逢いたい (Aitai)

The auxiliary verb “Tai(たい)” is added to “Ai(会い)”, which is the continuous form of the verb “Au(会う)”.”Aitai” is the closest expression to “I miss you” in English.

“会いたい” and “逢いたい” are pronounced the same and have almost the same meaning. “逢いたい” is used when you want to see a person who has been separated from you again. “会” is an everyday kanji, but “逢” is not a daily kanji.

Most of the time, we use the kanji for “会いたい.” However, when writing “逢いたい,” it is often used intentionally in letters or lyrics.

Suguni Aitai Yo!
I want to meet you now.

Doushitemo Aitai
I want to meet you.

Watashi to aitai desuka?
Do you want to meet me?

Let’s meet.

Kyou ha aenai gomen
Sorry, I can’t meet you today.

・たくやと会うなんて無理! (only close friends)
Takuya to au nannte muri!
No way! I don’t wanna meet Takuya.

Nande Aenaino?(desuka?)
Why I can’t meet you?

Anata to aenai noha zannnenn desu
It’s shame I can’t meet you.

Aitakute aitakute sikataganai yo!
OMG, I want to see you!

Taisetsu na hito ni aitai
i want to meet someone important.

I miss you.




Japanese Famous Aitai Song

“Aitakute Aitakute” Kana Nishino


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