What Does “Shippuden”(しっぷうでん) Mean In Japanese?

What Does “Shippuden”(しっぷうでん) Mean In Japanese?


Meaning: Subtitle given to the second part of the TV anime series “Naruto.”

Romaji: Shippuden

Hiragana: しっぷうでん

Katakana: シップウデン

Kanji: 疾風伝

“Shippuden” is the subtitle given to the second part of the TV anime series “Naruto” to distinguish it from the first part, which takes place two and a half years earlier.

The term “Shippuden” has several origins, including the image of the protagonist Naruto running like a swift wind and the idea of mastering the nature transformation of “wind.”

“Shippuden” is a term not used in everyday language. Instead, it is a technical term used only as the title of the Naruto anime series.

What Does “Shippu” (しっぷう) Mean In Japanese?

While “Shippuden” is not commonly used, the Japanese word “Shippu(疾風)” is used. Shippu refers to a fast and violent wind, with a speed of 8.0 to 10.7 meters per second, and is classified as a wind of force 5.

In addition, the kanji character “疾風” can also be read as “Hayate,” which was used as the name of a single-seat fighter aircraft in the former Imperial Japanese Army.

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