What does “Majime(真面目)” mean in Japanese?

What does “Majime(真面目)” mean in Japanese?

Meaning: Seriousness

Romaji: Majime

Hiragana: まじめ

Katakana: マジメ

Kanji: 真面目

Majime means to be serious, earnest, and sincere. “Maji,” often used by young people, is an abbreviation for Majime, so Maji also means serious.

What kind of men do you like? When we ask Japanese women, many usually say they want Majime men.

・Majime na hanashi
“Serious talk”

・Majime na kao
“Sincere face”

・Majime na hito
“Diligent person”

Meaning of Maji (マジ) in Japanese


・Fumajime (不真面目)

Meaning: Laziness

Hiragana: ふまじめ

・Fuseizitsu (不誠実)

Meaning: Insincere

Hiragana: ふせいじつ

Related Words


 Meaning: Stupidly Honest

 Hiragana: ぐちょく

・Ichizu (一途)

 Meaning: Devoted to

 Hiragana: いちず

Ichizu is a kanji often used in romantic relationships.

・Watashi wa kareni ichizu.
“I am devoted to him.”


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