What does “Sefure (セフレ)” mean in Japanese?

What does “Sefure (セフレ)” mean in Japanese?

Sefure (セフレ)

Meaning: Sex Friend

Romaji: Sefure

Hiragana: せふれ

Katakana: セフレ

Kanji: –

Sefure is an abbreviation for sex friend. Since sex friend is written in katakana as “セックスフレンド,” it is abbreviated as “セフレ(Sefure).”

Sefure writes in katakana, not hiragana. According to the Japanese dictionary, Sefure is “a partner who does not want a relationship such as a husband and a wife or a lover, but has a relationship only for sexual relations.”

Sefurewa nannin imasuka?

How many FWBs do you have?
No one, lol.

Related Words

Kahanshin no kankei(下半身の関係)

Meaning: Lower body relationship

Seiteki na kankei(性的な関係)

Meaning: Sexual relationship

Sekkusu furendo (セックスフレンド)

Meaning: Sex friend

Nikutai kankei(肉体関係)

Meaning: Physical relationship

Otonan no kankei(大人の関係)

Meaning: Adult relationship

Issen wo koeta naka(一線を越えた仲)

Meaning: Friendship that crosses the line


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