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What does “Yoki (よき)” mean in Japanese?

What does “Yoki (よき)” mean in Japanese?

Yoki (よき)

Meaning: Good,Nice,Like,Cool

Romaji: Yoki

Hiragana: よき

Katakana: ヨキ

Kanji: 良き

Yoki is an exclamatory word used by young people in Japan to mean “Like!” Around 2016, it became popular among young women in Japan as the word Gyaru.

Yoki means “Like” because it is written as “良き” in kanji.


The origin of Yoki is old Japanese. “Yoki” was created by omitting the old Japanese “Yoki kana(よきかな)” which means “wonderful” and “good”.

As for how to use “Yoki,” it may be used repeatedly as “Yoki Yoki.” It is said that this is influenced by the repeated use of “Yoki Kana Yoki Kana” in old Japanese.

Sono fuku meccha yoki dane!
The dress is so fabulous!

Yoki Yoki (よきよき)

Meaning: Cool Cool!

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