What Does “Kakashi (かかし)” Mean In Japanese?

What Does “Kakashi (かかし)” Mean In Japanese?

Kakashi (かかし)

Meaning: Scarecrow

Romaji: Kakashi

Hiragana: かかし

Katakana: カカシ

Kanji: 案山子

Synonym: Odoshi(おどし),Souji(そうじ)

Kakashi are dolls made of bamboo and straw that are placed in rice fields and fields to ward off harmful animals, such as birds, that destroy crops. Depending on the region, various nicknames exist, such as Odoshi and Sozu.

Kakashi looks good, but he’s often described as incompetent because he just stands there and doesn’t do anything.

What Does “Kakashi (かかし)” Mean In Japanese?

Is Hatake Hatake a real name in Naruto?

What Does “Kakashi (かかし)” Mean In Japanese?
Kakashi is a name that parents rarely give in Japanese. Kakashi-Kun? is a name that can be the target of bullying, so it is not recommended.

However, Hatake is often used as a surname in Japan, meaning a field. The characters in the anime Naruto are named after famous ninjas and Japanese myths.


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