What Does “Naruto”(なると) Mean In Japanese?

Naruto (なると)

Meaning:1: “Naruto” refers to a narrow strait where the tides create a large swirling sound as they come in and out.

2: A food made from groundfish.

Romaji: Naruto

Hiragana: なると

Katakana: ナルト


Naruto refers to a giant whirlpool that roars and swirls when the tide ebbs and flows through a narrow strait. It is also a term used to describe food made from ground fish, commonly used as a topping for ramen. In the past, naruto was often used as a topping for ramen in Japan, but with the recent ramen boom and the emergence of various types of ramen, the number of ramen shops that use naruto as a topping has decreased.

What Does “Naruto”(なると) Mean In Japanese?

Naruto City (鳴門市)

What Does “Naruto”(なると) Mean In Japanese?

Naruto City is located at the eastern end of Shikoku, in the northeastern part of Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. It is situated on the west side of the Naruto Strait, which derives its name from the city. The Naruto Strait separates Naruto City from Awaji Island and is famous for its whirlpools, known as the “Naruto Whirlpools.”

Naruto City is one of the leading tourist cities in Tokushima Prefecture, with numerous tourist attractions such as Naruto Park and the German House. It also has a side as a company castle town with many factories, companies, and facilities related to the local Otsuka Group.

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