What Does “Yappari (やっぱり)” Mean In Japanese?

What Does “Yappari (やっぱり)” Mean In Japanese?

Yappari (やっぱり)

Meaning: That’s what I thought. After all, Actually

Romaji: Yappari

Hiragana: やっぱり

Katakana: ヤッパリ



“Also,” “Likewise”

For example:

・”お父さんもそうでしたが、息子さんもやっぱりお医者さんですか。”(Otousanmo soudeshitaga musukosanmo yappari oisyasandesuka)
“Your father was like that too, but is your son also a doctor.”

“その日も十時ごろからやっぱりきのうのように暑くなりました。”(Sonohimo juujigorokara yappari kinounoyouni atsukunarimashita)
“On that day, it got hot again around 10 o’clock, just like yesterday.”


“just as I thought,” “as expected.”

For example:

・”この方法でうまくいくと思ったんだが、やっぱりだめだったか。”(Konohouhoude umakuikuto omottandaga yappari damedattaka)
“I thought this method would work, but it doesn’t.”


For the nuance of changing one’s mind after giving it a lot of thought

For example:

・”あっちがいいかな。いややっぱりこっちにしよう。と思ったけどやっぱりやめた。あっちにする。”(Acchiga iikana.Iya yappari kocchini shiyou。toomottakedo yappari yameta。acchinisuru)
“I wondered if over there would be better. But, no, let’s stick with this. I changed my mind. Let’s go over there.”


For the nuance of regretting doing something or not doing something

For example:

・”やっぱり言っておけばよかったな”(Yappari itteokeba yokattana)
“I should have said it after all.”


Related expressions

Expression: Yappari souka (やっぱりそうか)

Expression: Yappari~ga ichibansuki (やっぱり~が一番好き)

Expression: Yappa (やっぱ)

Expression: Yappane (やっぱね)


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