20 Must-Visit Manga Cafés in Tokyo

Do you know Manga cafés? Manga cafés are 24-hour Internet cafés where people can read manga in a relaxing environment. Most cafes provide additional services, such as TV, video games, and showers.

Over 70% of Manga cafes are used for overnight stays as an alternative to hotels. There are good reasons that Manga café has gained popularity all over Japan. This enjoyable and unique experience attracts travelers as well as the locals. Hundreds and hundreds of manga cafés are in Tokyo. What follows are the 20 best options for a comfortable stay.

20 Must-Visit Manga Cafés in Tokyo

1 Customa Café

Customa Café

Customa café is a chain of manga cafes that has expanded all over Tokyo. All booths with automatic locks promise a highly secure private space. In addition, it provides female customers with a much more relaxing time.

“Customa café is a Manga-Internet café which you can relax with a friendly and peaceful ambiance. Comics, magazines, the Internet, online games, movies, and animation are available! You can enjoy them in your private booth. We also offer an all-you-can-drink. A variety of drinks and our delicious meals will satisfy you. ”

Why not try our Launderette?

Some Customa cafés have launderettes. It costs about 200 yen for washing and 100 yen for drying clothes per 30 minutes. The facility is convenient for tourists who like to travel light. Even the Japanese use it when they miss the last train.

Customa Café Sangenchaya

Customa café Sangenchaya offers private booths. It is a lovely space to lie down for just relaxing. The stalls give you natural comfort and a fruitful time!

Customa café rents clothing for resting at the cost of 150 yen, which is Japanese-style home wear. You will feel more homely and relaxed.

Customa café Ueno

Private booth Booth for two people
30 min Female: 100 yen Female: 200yen
30 min Male: 200 yen Male: 400 yen
1 hour * new customer 100 yen 200 yen
1 hour 390 yen 780 yen
Every 10 min extension 90 yen 180 yen
2hrs from 4 AM to Noon 700 yen 1,400yen
5hrs from 4 AM to Noon 990 yen 1,980 yen
3hrs 1,010 yen 2,020 yen
6hrs 1,630 yen 3,260 yen
9hrs 2,040 yen 4,080 yen
12hrs 2,560 yen 5,120 yen
24hrs 3,500 yen 7,000 yen
7hrs from 6 PM to 5 AM of the following day 1,550 yen 3,100yen
10hrs from 6 PM to 5 AM of the next day 1,940 yen 3,880 yen
Shower Price
When using 12hrs or more, the unlimited shower is offered.

The shower is free for private booth users who stay for 3hrs or more.

Three hundred fifty yen for Users for a seat in an open area.

30 min/a shower


The course you selected may not be changed after entry into the café.

The front desk never contacts you even if you stay longer than booked. If extended for 2hrs and over, you are subject to pay the extension fee shortly after the extension occurs.

HP: http://rakutama.com/shop_c_ueno.html

2. Kaikastu CLUB

Kaikastu CLUB

Kaikastu CLUB has got branches all over Japan.
It serves a range of entertainment, including Karaoke and Billiard. One good news for females is that it has a female-only booth. When you feel the pinch, there is an attractive discount package that includes
50% discount for under 18’s on weekdays only.
Here is the best budget lodge for you!

“Why not stay in our comfy booth having the look of Bali!
You will make your day with a wide range of treats, including comics, magazines, online games, movies, and TV. Internet access is complimentary. A variety of contents will never allow you to be bored!”

Exclusive area for females only

Kaikastu CLUB

All the rooms are locked by individual card keys.
With high security, Kaikastu CLUB serves as a comfortable hideaway. It’s the best place to chill out.

We serve pampering treats, including Nano Care Steamer!

Kaikastu Club Ikebukuro

The admission fee is accessible for a limited period.
The first 30 min is 181 yen. Every 10 min costs 67 yen (not including tax)

The price in the list does not include tax.

Time Price
3hrs 934 yen
6hrs 1,315 yen
9hrs 1,696 yen
12hrs 2,077yen
4hrs from 7 PM to 5 AM 934yen
6hrs from 7 PM to 5 AM 1124yen
Note: Additional 191 yen is charged on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the day before holiday and holiday.12hrs after entry, payment is required.

HP: http://www.kaikatsu.jp/guide/introduction.html



Tucked away in Book and Bed Tokyo, you will find a serene urban retreat. Our cafe has a luxury wall-to-wall library with over 1,700 books including of English. Relaxation begins here with your favorite book!

“While doing something favorite, I fell asleep!” Have you had such an experience before? Do you wish so? Yes, you can do it here. We promise to deliver a wonderful moment for you. ”

Indulge yourself in reading


You will be surprised our great choice of comics and magazines. If you are a tourist, you can also search where to visit tomorrow via free Internet. Armed with good books, you will never regret staying here.

HP : https://www.booking.com/hotel/jp/book-and-bed-tokyo.ja.html

4. Booth Net Café and amp: Capsule

Booth Net Café and amp: Capsule

Booth Net Café an amp opened in Feb 2015, which is the blend of net café with capsule hotel. Norwegian-style rooms with wooden floorings and nicely decorated walls are a charm. The deco is pretty stylish. An exclusive booth for female only is also available.

“We serve as a perfect escape with a modern open-café and comfy furniture. There are various booths to treat yourself for a special stay”

What if you missed the last train?

Our shower rooms and power rooms can refresh you.
After refreshment, why not try our various entertainment facilities?
TV and free Wi-Fi will make a memorable stay!

5. Japanese styl.cafe AKIBA

Japanese styl.cafe AKIBA

Seeking a real calm moment? Come in, chill out in Japanese style café! It was born from the Kyoto’s traditional inn. Designed with the Japanese relaxation, Zen, in mind, most foreign tourists fell love with us!

“Japanese styl.cafe AKIBA was launched in November 2005. “Nagomi” means a perfect relaxation, which brings you to a peaceful and comfortable rest. Savoring the nostalgic culture of the Japanese here, will make your day! Here is the one of the most innovative net cafés in Japan.”

Staff treat you with Japanese traditional clothing

Japanese styl.cafe AKIBA

Female staff are called “Nagomi chaya Musume” literally, it means that Nagomi accommodation’s daughters. The staff works in traditional clothing, Yukata or Kimono, which is very unique. Surrounded with a good taste of traditional deco, you can experience in Taishyo period of Japan, which is about 100 years ago. It makes an unforgettable exotic stay!

HP : nagomi-cafe.com



There are a range of facilities including a drinks bar and free Wi-Fi, available for 24 hours. The café boasts good BGMs, which will sooth and relax you whilst surfing the Internet. Our comfy booths are especially popular amongst click workers. One of the exceptional offers is the drinks bar. If you are interested in beer, a wide rage of Japanese beer awaits you here. Go on. Treat yourself!

7. Comic Ann Polan x Polan

Comic Ann Polan x Polan

Comics Ann Polan x Polan is the first Internet café with a natural hot spa in Japan. There are a vast number of booths and comics.

“Polan means ‘relax and slow things down’ in Indonesian. So, we would love to relax our customers during their stay. Our motto is customer first. The ambience of the café calms you and sooths away your stress. Under partnership with the Hachiooji hot spa, we serve natural hot water. We want welcome you on your next getaway”

Comic Ann Polan x Polan

Relax after natural spa

After a spa experience, how about trying our comics out?
Armed with a range of comics, it would be nice to while away an entire day.

8. Capsule Net

Capsule Net

It was established in 2015 by the collaboration of Customer Café and Capsule net. With a good sauna and comfortable spa, it helps
you to recover from tiredness after a long walk.

Chic Spa

Capsule Net

The spa is a large and clean with chic interior, in which the Jacuzzi and sauna will transport you to a different level of relaxation.
If you seek a slice of indulgence, why not drop in?

9. Relaxation lounge Waai

Relaxation lounge Waai

A Unique manga café! Why? Waai is the place where authentic Italian cuisine is served. You will enjoy good hospitality.

“We improved our dishes on the 17th August. No dry pasta is used. Lunch set menu is ¥870 for 50 minutes on weekday only. Do not miss our mouth-watering meals!”

Stunning lunch

Besides our handmade pasta, fried rice with a burger is a real deal. It will fill you up with full satisfaction. A variety of drinks including espresso made from a famous Italian brand, and a variety of teas served with the finest leaves are highly recommended. The meal is delivered to your room if you like.

10. Aprecio Shinjuku Haijia

Aprecio Shinjuku Haijia

It is one of the most popular manga cafés, which has been expanding all over Japan. Shinjuku hijia has a wide range of booth including a theatre room. To make your time more enjoyable, it provides good entertainment facilities, such as darts and billiards. Just have a fun!

“Our warm welcome has attracted lots of customers. We offer the best service, providing a comfortable space for multiple purposes. We are confident in meeting individual needs.”

What else is here to do?

Aprecio Shinjuku Haijia

Besides absorbing yourself in comics or net surfing, you can enjoy darts and billiards! Surely it will give you a breath of fresh air. Take some time off from the hectic lives! Just try it out!

11. Gran Cyber Café Baguse Roppongi

Gran Cyber Café Baguse Roppongi

Stylish café chain, Gran Cyber Cafe brings a vast number of customers into their doorsteps. It is located in the middle of the popular town. The highlight is a lovely cityscape views from our window seats.

“Our café will be different than any other you have experienced, providing a variety of potions for you. Our all booths including VIP, private, and female-only are nice. Besides a great number of comics and magazines, free movies, a variety of soft drinks and unlimited soft cream bar is available. For business purposes, we offer photocopier, fax machine and so on. Look no further. Just come in!”

Billiards and Golf game on the 3rd floor

There is an amusement room on the 3rd floor. Having enough space to accommodate a large group, the locals often use it for a second party, after indulging in comics, you may need a little bit exercise. Enjoy!

12. Wipe Yoyogi station north exit

Wipe Yoyogi station north exit

Here is the place for gamers. Wipe Yoyogi has been registered as an official online game shop. Needless to say, the emphasis is on the quality of the games that they provide.

Game events are held

The 34th Net Café Battle Banquette is held in Wipe Yoyogi North exit café on the 8th August.

Recent fab! Board game is available

We hold events for board gamers.



It is situated in Akihabara where is a famous electric town. The café is a great, not only for shoppers but also for people who want to enjoy a variety of entertainment. They also serve inexpensive but tasty foods. All-you-can-eat restaurant includes unlimited ice cream. It makes your day.

“Al Café meets a variety of individual needs, providing manga, Internet, darts, karaoke and so on. You will find the time goes by quicker because our good entertainment facilities never get you bored. We frequently update our own content and hold special events. Why not get the most out of your time with us?”

New service! You can eat as much as possible

They offer delicious lunch includes top-notch Japanese curry.
It is available from7 AM to Noon. Lunch of the day is a must-try.

14. Iwaikiya-IWAKI-

Iwaki was opened in 2007. They often hold interesting events. A brilliant alley of comics is a characteristic. If you wish, the shop staff will advise you how to find what you want. No wasting time! Indulgence starts straight away. What a nice service!

“All the rooms are private which was designed with the concept of “Your second home.” Whether you have tired from working or simply need to take some time off from a daily routine, our private booth serves as an oasis of calm.
We also offer online games and movies, along with comics. Here is the right place for a little you time.”

Larger space than any others

You have many luggage? No worries! We offer a twin seat at the cost of a single seat. You can stretch your legs out. It is comfy.

15. 910


910 is located in Ikebukuro. All rooms are private booths that make you feel more personal than a shared room in hostel. It guarantees that your stay turn into a real chill-out. There are a variety of offers includes a student discount.

“910 is a perfect Internet café for savoring your free time. A slice of manga indulgence awaits you.”

How to search DVD and Comics

If you want to save time for searching books, go to 910 website, just click the link and have a look. You will find your favorite immediately.

16. Mambo Plus Kanda

Mambo Plus Kanda

Mambo Plus is originated in Mambo which is one of the most popular café chain. As “Plus” indicates, Mambo Plus Kanda is more powerful and enjoyable than the original. It has a good reputation for good service, providing various facilities for business use.

“Mambo Plus will unwind you at wonderfully-designed rooms. Our comfortable space suits one who seeks a perfect hideaway with a choice of 3000 animations and 400 movies, you will never get bored. When you need some in urgent, just ask us. We stock enough things to meet what you want.”

Book room for your special event

We lend a room for a special event, such as a birthday party or a live show. Please feel free to contact the cafe.

17. Natural Café Nishi-Kasai

Natural Café Nishi-Kasai

Natural Café stands in Nishi-Kasai. Wooden flooring and deco based on natural colour is pretty and attract lots of female customers. Their Twitter is updated regularly to inform you of exciting offers.

“I do recommend you to check our new offers on the official Twitter. All private booths have an individual key with high security. We offer 25,000 comics, 32inch wide TV and free online games. Here is especially handy for tourists to Disneyland. Please try it out!”

Disneyland is closer

Hotels on the grounds of Disneyland are very expensive. Natural Café is great for an inexpensive, but stylish stay near to a magical land.

18. Manga Kukan Tokyo-Koenji

Manga Kukan Tokyo-Koenji

Manga Kukan is of real character, providing workshops for manga writing. The kit for the workshop is free. If you seek something for a unique experience in Japan, here is the place to go. Skills level does not matter. Everyone can enjoy it!

“We have a comic studio. Kouenji café is smaller but stocked a full of valuable manga that may bring back memory of your childhood. 100% certain, you will get engrossed in our comics!”

Must-try comics are on shelves

Must-try comics are on shelves

Comics are carefully selected by the shop staff. It’s guaranteed that you will never regret an overnight stay at Manga Kukan Tokyo-Koenji.

19. Comic Buster-WILL BE Oimachi

Comic Buster-WILL BE Oimachi

It is a new type of manga café, located nearby Oimachi station. Comic Buster caters to those who not only read manga but those who want to be healed by cats. The cat cafés are on the 4th and 5th floor. Pretty cats transport you to a peaceful moment.

“Here is one of the budget manga cafés in the town. There are over 25,000 comics, separated between a smoking area and a non-smoking area. In the cat café, you will see lots of friendly cats. We boost about our special selection. Before or after playing with them, nice selections of comics treat you. Here is an exceptional café.”

Fantastic Cat café

Fantastic Cat café

Their unique service, Cat café with furnished with modern interior. If you are looking for something different, you’ve just found the right one. How about making an unforgettable memory with them?

20. Kona Café Yostuya Sanchyome

Kona Café is located nearby Yostuya Sanchyome station, adjacent to a DVD rental shop. There are five types of booth including a booth with massage chair. Shower room is compact but nice and clean. A variety of comics and magazines are available. It looks like a mini library at high school.

“Kona Café is situated in Shinjuku ward which is very convenient for shopping and sightseeing. The admission fee is just 100 yen. Our night package is on special offer.”

Hidden Jem

As Yotsuya is smaller than other towns, not so many people know about this Café. If you don’t want to be in a waiting list, here is the best place to veg out!

Manga café are all over Japan. I hope this helps you to find the best cafe for you. Enjoy a unique experience in Japan!


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