How to say “Black” in Japanese

Kuro (黒)

How to say “Black” in Japanese
Meaning: Black

Romaji: Kuro



Kanji: 黒

Tanning and burning the skin is called Hadaga Kuroi (肌が黒い) as well.
When someone is strongly suspected of a crime, we use “Kuro” to mean “he must be Kuro!” which means he must be a criminal.”

Umini ittakara hadaga kurokunatta!
“I went to the sea, so my skin is tanned.”

Ne、fukuga sukoshi kurokunatteruyo!
“Hey, your clothes are a little darker!”

E、yada、itsu yogoretandarou。。。
“Oh no, when did it get dirty?”

Kurono fukuga ichiban sukidesu。
“I like black clothes.”

What does Haraguroi(腹黒い) mean in Japanese?

What does Haraguroi(腹黒い) mean in Japanese?
Meaning: A wicked guy, A black-hearted guy

Romaji: Haraguroi



Kanji: 腹黒い

The word Haraguroi is a commonly used expression when talking about romantic relationships. A wicked guy is called Haraguroi Hito (腹黒い人), and a wicked woman is called Haraguroi Onna (腹黒い女).

Haraguroi has a negative connotation, so I don’t recommend saying it directly, even if the girl is wicked!

Ano onnawa haraguroi kara kiwotsukero!
“That woman is wicked, so be careful!”


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