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How to say “Blue” in Japanese

Ao (青)

Romaji: Ao



Kanji: 青

Like the Japanese words “youth (青春),” “green leaves (青葉),” and “green light (青信号),” the word “blue (青)” is synonymous with “green (緑)” in modern Chinese.

How to say “Blue” in Japanese

How to say “Light Blue” in Japanese

Romaji : Mizuiro



Kanji: 水色

Watashi ha mizuiro no wanpi-suga hoshiidesu
“I want a light blue dress.”

What is the difference between the words “青,” “蒼,” and “碧.”

「青」:A color that gives a dark (calm) feeling in opposition to red, as represented by the color of the clear sky.

「蒼」:Deep blue [sea, sky, etc.].

「碧」:Blue green.

kireina aoi umiga hirogatteiru
“The beautiful blue sea is spreading.”

Dandan kaoiroga aokunatteiru
“My complexion is getting bluer.”

Aoi me wo shita ningyou
“Doll with blue-green eyes.”


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