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How to say Yellow in Japanese

Ki (黄)

How to say Yellow in Japanese

Meaning: Yellow

Romaji: Ki



Kanji: 黄 (Ki), 黄色 (Ki Iro)

Yellow is Ki in Japanese. Ierō (イエロー) is also used in Japanese. Ki is often used as Ki Iro rather than ki alone.
When asked what your favorite color is, you usually answer Ao, Aka, or Murasaki, but we often say Ki Iro. This is probably because only Ki has one letter. If it’s just Ki, it’s a little hard to understand because Ki also means a tree(木).

In Japanese, we say Aoi(青い), Akai(赤い), Kuroi(黒い), and Shiroi(白い), but Ki is called kiiroi(黄色い), not kii(黄い).
So there is no Japanese word for Kii(黄い), so be careful to remember Japanese!

Watashi no rakki kara-wa kiiro desu。
“My lucky color is yellow.”

The shrill voice, Loud voice

Yellow voice(黄色い声) in Japanese means Shrill and Loud voice.


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