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How to say “Lion” in Japanese

Raion (ライオン)

romaji : Raion



kanji: 獅, alias 獅子(shishi), Hyakuju no ou(百獣の王)

Ano doubutsuen niha raion gairu
“There is a lion in that zoo.”

raion kingu toiu eiga ha omosirokatta
“The movie The Lion King was fun.”

Lion Sounds

Gao ガオー

Why a lion can be called a Shishi

How to say “Lion” in Japanese

The name “Shishi” derives from Chinese, and in the old days, a giant dog was called “Shishi.” There were no lions in China in the first place, but when a big dog came from India, they thought it must be a lion and called it a “Shishi.”

Shishiza (獅子座)


Shishimai (獅子舞)

Lion dance
Shishimai (獅子舞) Lion dance

The lion dance has the feeling of “dispelling evil” and is one of the traditional performing arts found in East Asia and Southeast Asia, such as China and Vietnam.


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