How to say “Pig” in Japanese

Buta (豚)

How to say “Pig” in Japanese

romaji :Buta




Buta wo shiiku surukotoha taihen desu
“Raising pigs is hard.”

The word Buta is also used to make a fool of the other person. Please refrain from using it as it will be abusive. . However, We sometimes use it for jokes between friends.

iikagen ni shiroyo! buta!
That’s enough! Pig!

saikin、buta mitaini futottyatta.
“Recently, I got fat like a pig.”

Buta noyouni taberu(豚のように食べる)

Buta noyouni taberu is like a person who eats dirty.

butano youni taberu noha yamenasai.
“Stop eating like a pig”

Butagoya (豚小屋)

A room that is cluttered and dirty like a pig pen is called BUTAGOYA. This is also an informal expression.

Anatano heya ha butagoya mitaini kitanaine
“Your room is as dirty as a pig pen.”

Butaniku (豚肉)


Kyou ha butaniku wo tsukatta ryouri wo shimasu
“Today I ’m going to cook with pork.”

Yakibuta (焼豚)

Grilled pork



Pig Sounds

buu buu ブーブー (buu buu)


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