How to say Pink in Japanese

Pinku (ピンク)

How to say Pink in Japanese

Meaning: Pink

Romaji: Pinku



Kanji: 桃色 (Momoiro)

The kanji character for 桃 means peach, and the Japanese kanji for pink means peach color. In Japanese kanji, pink is called Momoiro, but many people use Pinku.

Also, Pink has sexual uses, such as Pink Movie and Pink Salon in Japan.

Pinkuiro no fuku wo kiteiru josei wa kawaiidesu。
“A woman wearing pink clothes is cute.”

More Japanese words for pink

Nadeshiko Iro (撫子色)

Nadeshiko Iro is a pale pink color with a slight purplish hue, similar to that of Nadeshiko flowers.

Nadeshiko iro (撫子色) Sekichiku iro (石竹色)

Sekichiku Iro (石竹色)

Sekichiku Iro is a light red color like the flowers of the Caryophyllaceae plant Sekichiku.


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