How to say “Oops” in Japanese

Interjections for your small mistakes and mistakes

Ottotto (おっとっと)/Otto (おっと)

romaji : Ottotto

hiragana: おっとっと

katakana: オットット

Otto also has the same meaning as Ottotto.

・(ビールを注ぎすぎて) おっとっと!
(bi-ruwo tsugisugite) Ottotto!
“(When you pour too much beer) Oops!”


A! teburuni ocha wo koboshichatta!
“Oops! I spilled my tea on the table.”


Shimatta! kagiwokake wasureta!
“Oops! I forgot to lock it.”


Yacchatta!Tomodachi ni nimotsu watasuno wasureta!
“Oops! I forgot to give my luggage to my friend.”

Sorry for the small mistake


・私の食べ物も買ってきてくれた? あ!ごめん!すっかり忘れてた!今から買いに行く!
Watashi no tabemono mo kattekitekureta? A!gomen!sukkari wasureteta!imakara kainiiku!
“Did you get my food as well?” – “Oops! I forgot about it. I’ll get them now.”

Sarcasm and irony

Arara (あらら)

arara。hon nakushichattandane、tomodachini okorarechauyo。
“Oops! Your book is gone. The friend will scold you.”


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