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Meaning of Maji (マジ) in Japanese


Meaning of Maji (マジ) in Japanese

Serious; seriously, Really

マジ(maji),まじ(maji),まぢ(madi) ⇒Same Meaning

Maji is short for Majime. For example, say “Majime na hanashi” as “Maji na hanashi.”

Since Maji is a slang expression, it is often used by young people, but Maji is a Japanese word often heard by people of all ages. When we are friends, we don’t say “Hontoni? (Really?)” too much; we mainly use Maji. Women use it, but men use it more.

It is better not to use maji in the business scene. Instead, use “Honto desuka? (Is it true?)” or “Hontoni Anatano idea ga suki。(I really like your idea).”

・マジで?? おまえすげーよ!
Majide?? Omae Sugeyo!
“Seriously? You are awesome.”

Ano kuruma majide kakkoiine!
“That car is so cool.”

・東京大学に合格したって本当? まじまじ!
Tokyo daigaku ni goukakushitatte hontou? Maji Maji!

majide hima dawa。
“I’m so bored.”

Meaning of Maji (マジ) in Japanese


(teen slang)


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