Discover the best matcha confectionery in Tokyo 2023

13. Soft cream: Chanoikedaya (Shinjyuku)

Soft cream: Chanoikedaya (Shinjyuku)

Speaking of a delicious matcha sweet, you will never go wrong with a long-established Japanese tea house. In “Odakyu-ace”, the underground shopping street in Shinjyuku, head to the shop “Chanoikedaya” and order a yummy matcha soft cream. You will definitely be surprised by how rich and tasty the soft cream is. Cheap but an excellent savior.

Name: Chanoikedaya
Address: Odakyu-ace Minami-kan, Nishi Shinjyuku 1-chome 1, Shinjyuku-ku , Tokyo
Tel: 0333420506
Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Price: 250 yen (Noukou matcha)

14. Soft cream: Boul Mich Ginza-honten (Ginza)

Soft cream: Boul Mich Ginza-honten (Ginza)

“Boul Mich” situated in Ginza is different from other ordinary sweets shops. In fact, it is pretty much like a sightseeing landmark that you should not miss. As a famed brand, plenty of high-quality sweets are available for sale. But don’t forget to have a “Ginza soft matcha” which is exclusive to the shop and tastes extraordinarily rich and creamy. Plus, the price 309 yen is really a bargain for ice cream in Ginza.

Name: Boul Mich Ginza-honten
Address: 1-2-3, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0335632555
Opening hours: 10:00 – 21:00; (Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays) 10:00 – 20:00
Open every day
Price: 309 yen (Ginza soft matcha)

15. Soft Cream: Chanokiminoen (Ueno)

Soft Cream: Chanokiminoen (Ueno)

In the busy area of Ameyoko, Ueno, look for a traditional Japanese tea shop “Chanokiminoen” which was established over 90 years. Needless to say, its matcha soft cream is made of excellent quality tea. Have the yummy sweet while strolling down the street and enjoying the local ambiance.

Name: Chanokiminoen
Address: Ueno 4-9-13, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0338317706
Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00
Closed on the third Tuesday of each month (except December)
Price: 300 yen (Matcha soft cream)

16. Soft Cream: Funawa-honten (Asakusa)

Soft Cream: Funawa-honten (Asakusa)

As an old shopping street with a century of history, Shinnaka street in Asakusa is probably on your itinerary while visiting Tokyo. Many delicious local delicacies there attract your attention. But don’t miss “Funawa-honten”, the traditional Japanese tea house. Have a matcha soft cream or parfait, enjoy it and continue your journey.

Name: Funawa-honten Kissa
Address: Asakusa 1-22-10, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0338422781
Opening hours:
Honten baiten (shop): 10:00 – 19:00; (Saturdays) 9:30 – 20:00; (Sundays & public holidays) 9:30 – 19:30
Honten kissa (Cafe): 10:30 – 18:30 (last order 18: 10); (Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays) 10:00 – 19:00 (last order 18:40)
Open every day
Price: 350 yen (soft cream); 850 yen (Funawa no matcha parfait)

17. Gelato: Nanaya (Aoyama)

Gelato: Nanaya (Aoyama)

Wanna try matcha gelato at the richest level? Visit the shop “Nanaya” in Aoyama. Matcha gelato can be selected from levels 1 to 7 (light to rich). Highly recommend trying level 7 of matcha gelato which tastes not so bitter at all but amazing. Enjoy the sweet which is called “the richest matcha gelato in the world”.

Name: Nanaya Aoyama-ten
Address: Shibuya 2-7-12 1/F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0364279008
Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00
Closed on Tuesdays
Price: 340 yen (single); 440 yen (double)

18. Pancakes: Microcosmos (Shibuya)

Pancakes: Microcosmos (Shibuya)

Pancake is just a common dessert that everyone knows. But you might not have seen matcha pancakes. Go to “Microcosmos” and have a delicacy experience. The matcha pancakes taste so fresh and slightly sweet with a moist texture, topped with the shop’s unique black soybean ice cream and bean jam. A perfect afternoon dessert on your Tokyo trip.

Name: Microcosmos
Address: Fontis Bld. 2/F, Dougenzaka 2-23-12, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0357845496
Opening hours: 11:30 – 2:00(after midnight); 11:30 – 5:00(after midnight) on Saturdays, Sundays & the days before public holidays.
Lunch: 11:30 – 15:30; Brunch 15:30 – 18:00
Open every day
Price: 1300 yen (Matcha & warabi mochi pancakes with black soybean ice cream)


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