The dream collaboration between “Sanrio Characters” and “Sylvanian Families,” 2023!

Epoch Co., Ltd. and Sanrio Co., Ltd. will sell the “Sylvanian Families x Sanrio Characters Baby and Friends Furniture Set,” which is a collaboration between Sylvanian Families’ dollhouse play toy series and popular Sanrio characters, with original baby doll costumes and furniture sets, starting Thursday, March 2, at some Sanrio shops, Sanrio online shops, Sylvanian Families online shops, and other related stores.

Product Overview

The dream collaboration between "Sanrio Characters" and "Sylvanian Families," 2023!
For the first time, Sylvanian Families has realized a collaboration with popular Sanrio characters.

The set includes six baby dolls dressed in Baby Chocolate Rabbit in a Hello Kitty costume, Baby Walnut Squirrel in a Pompompurin costume, Baby White Rabbit in a My Melody costume, Baby Sheep in a Cinnamoroll costume, Little Twin Stars ( A Persian baby cat in a Puff costume, a baby Shimaneko in a Little Twin Stars costume, and original furniture and accessories inspired by Sanrio characters, such as a baby chair and a slide with Sanrio motifs.

Also, take note of the gentle colorings that imagine each character and the exclusive designs only available in this set.

About Collaboration Products

They carefully planned and developed this collaboration product to bring out the best of Sylvanian Families and Sanrio Characters.

The original furniture and clothing were designed with playful designs while imagining the characteristics of the characters. Therefore, pay attention to the designs that are unique to this collaboration.

Product Details

Product Name: Sylvanian Families x Sanrio Characters Baby and Friendly Furniture Set

Standard retail price: 10,000 yen (tax excluded), 11,000 yen (tax included)

Release date: Thursday, March 2, 2023

■Sanrio official website goods page:

■ Sylvanian Families Online Shop
It will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis on the sales page in the Sylvanian Families online shop.



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