The first photo book of the female VTuber group “hololive” members, “Shirogane Noel” and “Houshou Marine,” has been confirmed for release on Friday, March 17, 2023!

Cover Co., Ltd. announces that the first photo book of the female VTuber group “hololive,” “Shirogane Noel,” and “Houshou Marine” belonging to “hololive Production” under its umbrella, will be released on Friday, March 17, 2023, from Takarajimasha.

The first photo book of the female VTuber group

The photo book “Shirogane Noel & Houshou Marine 1st PHOTO BOOK Futari Date” of the female VTuber group “hololive,” “Shirogane Noel” and “Houshou Marine,” will be released on Friday, March 17, 2023.


The pages feature highlights such as the two enjoying a resort in swimsuits announced in the 2022 hololive summer, their school life in sailor uniforms, and scenes as if they are on a date.


The particular talk that delves into the relationship between the two and behind-the-scenes stories of the photoshoot are also included. So enjoy this photo book filled with cuts that can only be seen here.

The first photo book of the female VTuber group

As a limited edition bonus of the magazine, it comes with three L-size photo cards of outtakes that couldn’t be published.


Additionally, those who purchase at Animate will receive an additional L-size photo card that uses one of the outtakes in limited quantities as a bonus. Furthermore, in addition to the regular version, a Lawson version will be released simultaneously.


The cover features a different photo from the regular version, and the Lawson version comes with one more Lawson-exclusive postcard compared to the three photo cards from the standard version.

■ Normal version
[Book name] “Shirogane Noel & Hosho Marin 1st PHOTO BOOK Futari Date.”

[Bonus] 3 types of L-sized bromides (Animate adds one style in limited quantity)

[Release date] Friday, March 17, 2023

[Price] 2,750 yen (tax included)

[Sales location] Released at bookstores nationwide, various EC sites, Animate, Takarajima Channel

[Sales page] Amazon product page:


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