Asia’s Largest Ferrari Showroom Opens in Tokyo! Cornes Shiba Showroom Grand Opening on April 28, 2023!

Cornes Motors Co., Ltd., the official dealer of the luxury sports car brand Ferrari in Japan, is relocating and renovating its sales base, the “Cornes Shiba Showroom,” with a grand opening scheduled for April 28, 2023 (Friday). The showroom will occupy the 1st and 3rd floors of the newly completed 11-story headquarters building of Cornes & Company Limited, the parent company of Cornes Motors Co., Ltd. The total area will be 741 square meters across two floors, making it approximately 1.5 times larger than the previous showroom and the largest Ferrari showroom in Asia.

Asia's Largest Ferrari Showroom Opens in Tokyo! Cornes Shiba Showroom Grand Opening on April 28, 2023!

The showroom will showcase Ferrari’s latest corporate identity, with refined Italian design emphasizing a solid connection to the Ferrari brand and comfortable surroundings for customers. The space will not only be for displaying and selling products but also for conveying the Ferrari brand’s values, such as “Heritage,” “Passion,” “Innovation,” “Handmade,” and “Team Spirit” through unique experiences that help customers understand the product’s characteristics. It will also be a place where customers can meet the Ferrari brand and become part of the community. The space design incorporates three elements: “Innovative,” “Authentic,” and “Welcome,” to attract new customers with its innovative look and feel while providing existing customers with a comfortable private space.

The 1st Floor will have an exhibition area for seven new cars, a dedicated space for delivery ceremonies, a personalization atelier, and a private negotiation area. The 3rd Floor will exhibit six “Ferrari Approved” certified used cars, with two lounges, an atelier, and an open terrace that can also be used as an event space. In addition, a service center will be located on the 2nd basement floor to provide after-sales service.

Cornes Motors expects the showroom to be a landmark in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, one of Japan’s most prominent markets for premium imported cars. In addition, it will disseminate the Ferrari brand’s worldview and the latest information. Cornes Motors has been handling the Ferrari brand since 1976 and has established a solid relationship of trust with many Ferrari fans and customers. Based on that foundation, the company will continue to aim for increased customer satisfaction and brand image improvement.

Features of “Cornes Shiba Showroom”

Asia's Largest Ferrari Showroom Opens in Tokyo! Cornes Shiba Showroom Grand Opening on April 28, 2023!

Experience Ferrari’s Worldview with the Latest CI
Ferrari’s latest corporate identity (CI) embodies the brand’s DNA of tradition, passion, craftsmanship, innovation, and Italian heritage. The 1st Floor of the showroom, with its Italian-made furniture and interiors, welcomes customers with a sophisticated atmosphere and the latest model lineup.

Exclusive space for the delivery ceremony!
On the 1st Floor, a dedicated space for customers’ delivery ceremonies (unveiling) has been set up. Cornes Motors celebrate the customer’s special day and the new car life that Ferrari delivers.

Relax on the Open Terrace on the 3rd Floor.
Adjacent to the “Ferrari Approved” certified used car area on the 3rd Floor is an open terrace where you can relax, feel the greenery and wind, and have a peaceful time. It is also used as a vehicle exhibition space during events.

Lounge Spaces to Experience Ferrari’s Worldview
Two lounge spaces immerse you in the world of Ferrari with high-quality, luxurious Italian-made sofas, interior accessories, and vehicle photo panels.

Particular stage to exhibit featured models
A particular stage with an iconic black circle is next to the 1st-floor welcome desk in front of the 3rd-floor elevator. We exhibit the latest and featured models of the time.

Welcome desk
The desk’s height has been lowered, and customers are greeted in an environment where staff expressions are visible.

Dynamic lighting system
The lighting system for displayed vehicles blends natural and artificial light, and you can use a tablet to change the color and brightness, making the cars more attractive.

Other features of “Cornes Shibaura Showroom”:

Brand Experience Video Wall/Interactive Product Wall
Behind the welcome desk, a large video wall displays Ferrari’s brand history on a large-screen monitor.

Customize simulation “Consulting Room” and “Atelier Panel.”
On the 1st and 3rd floors, the “Consulting Room” lets you simulate your favorite model using the latest configurator technology. At the same time, the “Atelier Panel” has rotating panels to touch and consider many samples.

Heritage Library
The Heritage Library creates a relaxing atmosphere akin to being at home, with new sofas finished with high-quality leather and books chronicling the history of Ferrari.

Heritage Wall
Ferrari’s rich motorsport heritage is displayed on the Heritage Wall. In addition, five monitors installed on the back wall of the showroom showcase various videos, including highlights of the latest models and Ferrari Cavalcade, allowing visitors to explore the brand’s past and future.

About Cornes Motors
Cornes Motors has been an official Ferrari dealer since 2008; they have been nurturing their partnership with Ferrari’s headquarters in Italy and Ferrari Japan for nearly half a century. Since 1976, they have fostered Ferrari culture in Japan by focusing on new and certified pre-owned car sales and after-sales services. They operate four showrooms (Shiba, Osaka, Nagoya, and Nanko) and four service centers (Shiba, Shinonome, Nagoya, and Nanko) in Kanto, Tokai, and Kinki regions, as well as a body shop in Yokohama.

In 2020, Cornes Motors received the “Top Showroom of the Year” award from the official Ferrari dealer network in 62 countries and regions worldwide. This award honors the dealer’s best sales and marketing performance throughout the year. Furthermore, in 2023, Cornes Motors will start “CORNES Moment,” including a Grand Tour where customers can join a driving academy and take lessons and driving experiences on various circuits and snow courses. This program aims to create a fun and memorable experience for customers.

Cornes Shiba Showroom

【Opening Date】
April 28, 2023 (Friday)

3-3-10 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0014, Japan

【Business Hours】
Weekdays: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Weekends and Holidays: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

【Number of Vehicles on Display】
1st Floor: 7 new cars
3rd Floor: 6 “Ferrari Approved” certified pre-owned cars
B2F: Service center

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