“Attack on Titan” in Ukiyo-e! Kuniyoshi Utagawa’s historical masterpiece is reborn as a battle between Ellen and the Titans!

"Attack on Titan" in Ukiyo-e! Kuniyoshi Utagawa's historical masterpiece is reborn as a battle between Ellen and the Titans!

In the “AKIHABARA PREMIUM COLLECTION,” the collaboration work with “Attack on Titan” will be released worldwide from noon in Japan on Saturday, February 25, 2023!


“AKIHABARA PREMIUM COLLECTION” is an EC platform that develops a series of works that integrate AKIHABARA otaku culture and Japanese passion for manufacturing.

About the work

This work is produced by Hanzou Co., Ltd., which inherits the traditional craft techniques of carving and printing that are the basis of ukiyo-e. It continues to take on new challenges while preserving tradition.


This time, they created “Contemporary Ukiyo-e” by collaborating with “Attack on Titan,” which is a representative work of Japan, and craftsmen of the traditional technique “Ukiyo-e woodblock print,” which represents Japan.


This is a full-scale work newly drawn by Ken Shiozaki, a Japanese painter who is also active as an ukiyo-e artist, down to the smallest detail.


The composition of this work has been arranged for the battle between the Survey Corps and the Titans in line with “Attack on Titan.” The overwhelming impact and presence are reflected inside by making the angle of view twice as large as that of a regular Ukiyo-e print.


Attack on Titan Ukiyo-e woodblock print “Invasion of the Giants”『巨人襲来之図』

Sales price: 60,000 yen + tax and shipping

Number of sales: Limited to 300 copies worldwide

Specifications: Picture (W: about 510mm x H: about 245mm)

Forehead (W: about 653mm x H: about 383mm) with dedicated frame

Frame: wood, back plate/wooden plywood

Mat: Paper

Artist: Ken Shiozaki

Engraver: Shoichi Kitamura

Printer: Makoto Nakayama

Production: Hanzou Co., Ltd.

URL: https://www.akihabara-premium.com/
*The special page for Attack on Titan Ukiyo-e will open on Wednesday, February 22.


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