The tastiest brown rice pasta in Japan! [Brown Rice x Amazake] The specialist store for 100% fresh brown rice pasta relaunched in Tokyo.

The highly talked-about specialty store for brown rice pasta, “Japan’s Most Delicious Brown Rice Pasta UN-GLUTEN,” which opened last October, has undergone a renewal and has become even more powerful starting this February!


Although brown rice has various health benefits, such as dieting, detoxing, and a low G.I. effect, many still feel that the hurdle to incorporating healthy food into their daily diet is high.

With “brown rice x pasta,” we started the store last year hoping that our brown rice pasta would become one of the choices for daily meals and feel more familiar than other healthy foods.


Our pasta uses domestically produced Koshihikari rice and offers a crunchy texture like fresh pasta. It can reduce calories by 20% compared to regular pasta, so even those on a diet or who are health-conscious can enjoy it without feeling guilty.


With the recent rise in health consciousness and the emergence of brown rice pasta as a new genre of specialty stores, we received numerous media requests even before we opened.


As a result, we have already been featured in many media outlets in the four months since we opened.

Going Gluten-Free

As of February, all of our menu items have become gluten-free. We previously used wheat in some of our sauces, but now, as the name “UN-GLUTEN” suggests, all of our menu items are gluten-free.


This makes it easier for people with wheat allergies, which are becoming more common among younger generations, to enjoy our pasta.


Sweet Sake Cream Sauce × Brown Rice Pasta

Our creamy sauces, such as carbonara, use sweet sake instead of wheat. Sweet sake is known to have high nutritional value and is said to be a beauty drink due to its high absorbency rate.


The sweet sake used in “UN-GLUTEN” is made specifically for our cream sauces and from rice koji. Enjoy the delicious combination of our carefully crafted sweet sake and highly nutritious brown rice in our gluten-free cream sauce pasta!

The tastiest brown rice pasta in Japan! [Brown Rice x Amazake] The specialist store for 100% fresh brown rice pasta relaunched in Tokyo.

“The limited edition “Abundant Clam Cream Soup Pasta” also uses this sweet sake cream sauce! Those who have already started a gluten-free lifestyle, those who already have a healthy diet, and those who want to try incorporating healthy food into their lives easier, are welcome to visit the renovated “UN-GLUTEN.”


Store name: Japan’s most delicious brown rice pasta UN-GLUTEN

Business type: brown rice pasta specialty store

Opening date: October 1, 2022

Closed: Sundays and public holidays

Business hours: 11:30 to 20:30 (L.O. 20:00)

Address: 1-18-9 Noshiro Building 1F, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047


Source: Tamakairiki Co., Ltd.


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