10 types of Kaki No Tane snacks from Japan

What is Kaki No Tane?

Kaki No Tane is a rice cracker originating in Japan with a soy sauce flavor and chili pepper spiciness. It is called Kai No Tane because it resembles the seed of the persimmon tree in color and shape.

Kameda Seika(亀田製菓) is the top manufacturer of Kaki No Tane in Japan.

10 types of Kaki No Tane snacks from Japan

What is the difference between Kaki No Tane and Kakipi?

Kakinotane refers to only rice crackers. A combination of kakinotane and peanuts is called “kakipi.”
Kakipi is popular in Japan as a standard snack with beer.

10 types of Kaki No Tane snacks from Japan

10 types of Kaki No Tane

Standard flavors

There are various types of kakinotane, but the standard flavor is the most popular.


The spiciness of the wasabi makes you addicted.
Wasabi kakinotane

Ume Shiso

The scent of plum is perfect for snacks.
Ume Shiso kakinotane


The combination of the sweetness of the chocolate and the spiciness of the Kakinotane is irresistible.

Each manufacturer has different chocolate flavors, so it can be hard to decide which one to choose.

Chocolate kakinotane

Regional Flavors in Japan

Matsuo Lamb meat-Hokkaido

Kakinotane Matsuo Lamb meat-Hokkaido

Garlic-Tohoku region

Kakinotane Garlic-Tohoku region

White shrimp – Hokuriku region

Kakinotane White shrimp - Hokuriku region

Sakura Shrimp – Shizuoka

kakinotane Sakura Shrimp - Shizuoka

Shima Chili – Okinawa

Shima chili peppers from Okinawa Prefecture.

Kakinotane Shima Chili - Okinawa

Tonkotsu – Kyushu

Unique umami! It is Kakinotane with “Tonkotsu Ramen” flavor.

Kakinotane Tonkotsu - Kyushu


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