Experience the Elegance of Spring: Indoor Hanami with Stunning Nightscapes at Tokyo SAKURA Bar -New Otani Hotels- 2023

Hotel New Otani Tokyo will operate the “Tokyo SAKURA bar” on Fridays and Saturdays only from March 3rd (Friday) to April 8th (Saturday) at the SKY BAR located on the 17th floor in the VIEW & DINING THE SKY area. You can enjoy limited-time cocktails, D.J. performances during the cherry blossom viewing season, beautiful cherry blossom decorations, and Tokyo’s night view.

“Indoor cherry blossom viewing (Indoor Hanami)” has become a new culture that has taken root after the COVID-19 pandemic. It means “enjoying cherry blossoms indoors” and is an intelligent way to solve various problems associated with cherry blossom viewings, such as weather, crowds, and pollen allergies. The “Tokyo SAKURA bar” is located in the bar area “SKY BAR” on the top floor of The Main, the 360-degree panoramic restaurant “VIEW & DINING THE SKY.”

During the cherry blossom viewing season, the bar will be decorated with live cherry blossoms and lighting, creating an enchanting and glamorous atmosphere of a sophisticated adult spring night reminiscent of a rooftop bar, with a breathtakingly gorgeous view of Tokyo from outside the window.


Enjoy Hanami in the Japanese garden boasting 400 years of history.

You can also enjoy “real” cherry blossom viewing in the illuminated Japanese garden. Hotel New Otani’s Japanese garden boasts a 400-year history, having been passed down as the residence of Lord Kato Kiyomasa, the Ii family, and the Fushimi no Miya family. The garden covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and visitors can enjoy cherry blossom viewing until mid-April, with 58 cherry trees of 19 different varieties, including Yamazakura, Shidarezakura, Somei Yoshino, and Yaezakura blooming one after another.

At night, the garden is lit up under the supervision of world-renowned lighting designer Ms. Motoko Ishii, making night-time cherry blossom viewing possible. So after enjoying the cherry blossom atmosphere at the “Tokyo SAKURA bar,” why not take a stroll to enjoy the real cherry blossoms?

《Hotel New Otani Japanese Garden》
Opening hours: 6:00 to 22:00, illumination time: about 30 minutes before sunset until 24:00

About SKY BAR “Tokyo SAKURA Bar”

Fridays and Saturdays from March 3 (Fri) to April 8 (Sat), 2023

[Business hours]
17:30-23:00 L.E. 22:30

19:00~23:00 ※MUSIC charge ¥700


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