Top 5 Must-See Tokyo Cherry Blossom Spots in 2023

With an expected nationwide temperature increase considerably higher than usual, cherry blossoms are anticipated to bloom earlier than usual in many areas from early to mid-March 2023. This warm trend is particularly prominent in East and North Japan, with some locations predicted to approach the earliest recorded blooming date. Although the high-temperature trend in March is expected to subside as the month progresses, temperatures are still likely to be higher than usual, resulting in a full bloom date earlier than average nationwide. In Tokyo, the full bloom is expected on March 25th.

5. Former Nakagawa Kawazu Cherry blossom


Top 5 Must-See Tokyo Cherry Blossom Spots in 2023

In the Former Nakagawa Kawazu Cherry Blossom, residents who love cherry blossoms have planted various cherry trees and developed a relaxing park. With the early-blooming Kawazu-zakura and other varieties, visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long time. It is a hidden cherry blossom spot that does not often appear on maps.


4. Cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden


Top 5 Must-See Tokyo Cherry Blossom Spots in 2023

In Shinjuku Gyoen, there are about 70 different types of cherry blossoms, starting with Kanzakura and allowing for more than two months of cherry blossom viewing. In late March, single-bloom varieties such as Yamazakura bloom, followed by Ichio in early April, and double-bloom varieties such as Kanzan from mid to late April, coloring the park vividly. Shinjuku Gyoen features approximately 900 cherry blossom trees that beautifully color the vast garden one after another.


3. Cherry blossoms in Sumida Park


Top 5 Must-See Tokyo Cherry Blossom Spots in 2023

Sumida park is a famous spot for cherry blossoms that have been around since the Edo period. There are approximately 343 cherry blossom trees on the Sumida ward side and about 600 on the Taito ward side, with approximately 1,000 cherry blossom trees in total, including Somei Yoshino, Oshima-zakura, and Sato-zakura, blooming beautifully.

The beautiful cherry blossom trees lining the embankment are known as “Sumida River Sakura” and have been counted as one of the five famous cherry blossom viewing spots in the Edo suburbs, along with Asukayama in Oji, the Tamagawa Josui canal in Koganei, Goten-yama hill in Shinagawa, and Kanei-ji temple in Ueno since the mid-Edo period. Moreover, it is now selected as one of the “Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites in Japan.”

The first cherry tree was planted here by the fourth Tokugawa shogun, Ietsuna. He transplanted cherry trees from Hitachi Province (Ibaraki Prefecture). Later, the eighth shogun, Yoshimune, further developed and maintained the cherry blossom trees along the embankment, eventually forming the present landscape.

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2. Cherry blossoms along the Meguro River


Top 5 Must-See Tokyo Cherry Blossom Spots in 2023

The cherry blossom trees along the Meguro River, a popular spot, extend for about 4 kilometers. In the spring, the cherry blossoms bloom profusely from Ohashi to Shimo-Meguro, attracting many flower-viewing visitors. Additionally, unique shops line the Meguro River, and many people enjoy shopping and cherry blossom viewing. About 800 cherry blossom trees are in full bloom along the cherry blossom trees.


1. Sakura at Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa


Top 5 Must-See Tokyo Cherry Blossom Spots in

The Japanese garden of Takanawa in the heart of Tokyo exudes a quiet and peaceful atmosphere that makes you forget you are in the middle of a bustling city. The vast grounds are adorned with beautiful flowering trees that bloom each season. The Kawazu cherry blossoms in February, followed by the Higan cherry, Somei Yoshino, and Weeping cherry, which all bloom one after another and reach their peak in early April. The cherry blossoms are spectacular against the beautiful backdrop of the bright red Kannon-do temple and pond. Furthermore, from March 10th to April 9th, 2023, the “Takanawa Sakura Festival 2023” will be held, offering various events and plans to enjoy the cherry blossoms and spring season.

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