The World’s First! MLB Baseball Player Lars Nootbaar Stars in Zoff’s New Commercial!

Intermestic Inc., the company that operates the eyewear brand “Zoff,” will launch a new commercial featuring athlete Lars Nootbaar titled “New HERO Nootbaar,” starting on April 27, 2023 (Thursday) and gradually airing nationwide.

Cast Profile Lars Nootbaar

"The World's First! MLB Baseball Player Lars Nootbaar Stars in Zoff's New Commercial!"

Lars Taylor-Tatsuji Nootbaar

Date of birth: September 8, 1997

Hometown: United States

Height: 191cm

Weight: 95kg

Throws: Right

Bats: Left

Nootbaar is of American and Japanese descent and made his Major League debut in 2021. He contributed to his team’s division championship by recording a 340 on-base percentage and 448 slugging percentage in 2022. In 2023, he was selected as the first Japanese-American Major Leaguer for the Samurai Japan team. His Pepper Mill performance during on-base moments has captivated fans in Japan.

Lars Nootbaar, who captured the hearts of the Japanese people with his outstanding performance in the national baseball team, has become a hero of WBC BASEBALL.

As the world gradually returns to normal with the end of the pandemic, a new era has emerged. His personality, loved by many for his “full-power pitching,” “positive attitude,” “friendship,” “family love,” and “smile,” has given courage not only to his team but also to people throughout Japan. Teaming up with Zoff, Lars Nootbaar has completed a new commercial that takes a step forward into this new world.

In the new CM video, filmed in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Lars Nootbaar appears in the middle of an American cityscape, wearing various Zoff glasses and sunglasses. He shows different expressions that he does not show during the game as people on the street approach him. The commercial reveals the lovable character of Lars Nootbaar, who everyone loves.

The new CM message emphasizes “the beginning of a new era” and “let’s see the new world,” shining a light on Japan. The famous “Pepper Mill Pose” is also demonstrated at the end of the commercial, combining the “Mill” of Pepper Mill and the “See(Miru in Japanese)” of Zoff in a double meaning pose.

Zoff aims to continue exciting people by creating a society where people change glasses, like T-shirts. The commercial also features a beloved retired person. Also, don’t miss Lars Nootbaar, who is making his first appearance in a corporate CM in Zoff’s new CM!

"The World's First! MLB Baseball Player Lars Nootbaar Stars in Zoff's New Commercial!"

Interview with Lars Nootbaar for the Zoff Eyewear commercial

• Do you have a message for Japanese viewers?
“Of course! Today, I had a fantastic time with the Zoff team. It was my first time doing a commercial, so it was a great experience. I hope everyone in Japan enjoys it. I love Zoff, so it was an amazing time.”


• What was your first impression when you participated in the Zoff commercial?
“I was very excited. It was a valuable experience. I always wanted to do something for Japan, and then I got this opportunity to work with Zoff. I was excited about this opportunity.”


• What did you think of Zoff’s glasses and sunglasses? How did you feel wearing them today?
“They were very cool, and I liked them a lot. The glasses I wore today had incredible attention to detail. I’m excited to wear and try to wear them every day.”


• How was the shooting today?
“It was amazing. It was my first time doing a commercial, so I wondered what it would be like, but I was impressed. The team was professional, and everything went smoothly. I had a great time, and I hope we can work together again soon.”


• What does “seeing” mean to you as a baseball player?
“As a professional baseball player, ‘seeing’ is everything. For example, you must see everything clearly to hit a pitch that comes at full speed. My life depends on ‘seeing,’ so it is essential. It is also important to see the world every day. Therefore, becoming a partner with Zoff is meaningful to me.”


• What does the “Pepper Mill” pose mean to you?
“Last year’s and this year’s backup catchers came up with the pose. It is a great message, like overcoming difficult times. I think it is something we will continue to do. When things go smoothly, life goes well. But to overcome difficult times, we have to work hard. That’s the message behind it.”

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