iHerb Launches Official YouTube Channel “iHerb Japan”! Introducing New Series, “Heal-Meal Moment,” in 2023!

iHerb, headquartered in California, USA, is a global leader in health and wellness. On May 12th, iHerb Japan launched its official YouTube channel, “iHerb Japan.” The track will be updated every Friday. Additionally, on May 26th at 8:00 PM, they are planning to release a new series called “Heal-Meal Moment: Coconut Milk Chocolate Edition.” iHerb offers a wide selection of food products, with over 30,000 items catering to various lifestyles, such as organic, vegan, and dairy-free. The “Heal-Meal Moment” series aims to provide a delightful and soothing experience by presenting unique recipes exclusive to iHerb.

Video Description

iHerb Launches Official YouTube Channel "iHerb Japan"! Introducing New Series, "Heal-Meal Moment," in 2023!https://jp.iherb.com/

“Revitalize Your Body and Mind with Delicious Moments.” It’s a perfect time to rejuvenate your tired body and mind after busy days through healthy cooking.

This video presents a recipe for “Coconut Milk Chocolate” that is low in sugar and suitable even for those on a diet. It combines coconut butter with cocoa powder and organic dried fruits. Mixing them in a bowl until smooth, you’ll find your daily frustrations melting away. This dessert is genuinely satisfying with its cute appearance and the joy it brings to your body and soul.

About iHerb

iHerb is a globally trusted leader in health, happiness, and well-being, serving over 10 million customers in more than 180 countries annually. As a multi-billion-dollar e-commerce platform, we aim to provide customers with the best selection of health and wellness products on Earth at the best value, delivered conveniently. We believe health and wellness should be universal rights made possible through compassion and collective action. Everyone should have easy access to products that help them lead the healthiest and best lives, regardless of who they are or where they are.

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