AAR Japan starts Turkey earthquake emergency support

AAR Japan has started emergency relief today, February 6th. The support will begin with experienced staff in Şanlıurfa, and preparations will be made for distributing relief supplies near the earthquake’s epicenter.

An earthquake of 7.8 occurred at 4:17 am on February 6th (10:17 am in Japan time) in the northwest of Gaziantep, southern Turkey.

Turkey has Japanese and local staff, and all are safe.

AAR has previously carried out emergency relief for the 1999 northwest earthquake and the 2011 eastern earthquake in Turkey and has supported Syrian refugees since 2012. Using the local network built over time, AAR will provide quick support. Regional staff also received information that snow has been falling, and it has been freezing since yesterday. Immediate help is needed for those affected.

AAR Japan starts Turkey earthquake emergency support

To donate, please follow this link and select “Turkey Earthquake Emergency Relief”(トルコ地震緊急支援) as the purpose of the donation:


Note: AAR is recognized as a certified NPO organization by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and your donation is eligible for a donation deduction



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