“DIGIMON CON2023”, the global streaming event for all Digimon fans, will be held on February 12, BANDAI!

Bandai Co., Ltd. will broadcast the online event “DIGIMON CON2023” for Digimon fans worldwide on the YouTube “Bandai Official Channel.”

About “DIGIMON CON2023”:
Various content will be delivered to be a comprehensive festival of play related to Digimon that all fans worldwide who support Digimon can enjoy. Don’t miss the exceptional live performance by artists! In 2022, it recorded over 350,000 views, including overseas, and this year it will be broadcast simultaneously on Japanese and English channels for fans worldwide.


・Schedule: Sunday, February 12, 2023, 10:00 to 14:00

Distribution media: YouTube “Bandai Official Channel.”

・DIGIMON CON2023 official website

・Bandai official Youtube channel

・Participation fee: Free

・Delivery schedule:

■From 10:00, the opening live will be performed by Wienners, who sings the theme song for the Digimon Ghost game! In addition, the voting results of the “Let’s make it together! T-shirt project” that was held to commemorate DIGIMON CON2023 were announced!


■Around 10:10, “Digimon Frontier” x “Digimon Ghost Game” cast two-shot interview

・From the 20th anniversary of the broadcast “Digimon Frontier,” Junko Takeuchi plays Takuya Kanbara, and Mutsumi Tamura plays Sora Amanogawa from the acclaimed “Digimon Ghost Game” will appear! Gorgeous 2-shot interview by the two main character casts!

■ Around 10:50 “Digimon World -next 0rder- INTERNATIONAL EDITION” game information

・ Game information for the Nintendo Switch™ version of “Digimon World -next 0rder- INTERNATIONAL EDITION,” scheduled to be released on February 22, 2023 (Wednesday), has been released!

■Around 11:00 Digimon Illustration Competition 2023 1st screening result announcement

・Announcement of applicants who have passed the first screening of the Digimon Illustration Competition 2023, which has been recruiting since November 2022!

■ Around 11:10 Digimon Card Game Digimon Con Special Match

・A special match of the Digimon card game that is being developed in various countries and regions! A hot battle between the representatives of each country will be divided into the first half and the second half (the second half will be held around 12:20)

■ Around 11:40 special live performance
・A special live performance by AiM and Michihiko Ota!

■ Around 12:00 Digimon 25th Anniversary Project Corner

・A new project for the 25th anniversary of Digimon has been released!

・ Details of the Digimon Manga Contest and an event to be held in North America have also been announced!

■Around 13:00, Digimon Toys Special Corner

・Wearable LCD toy “VITAL BRACELET” series ・Companion app “VITAL BRACELET ARENA” exhibition match

・Unveiled for the first time at DIGIMON CON2023! Toy new information disclosure corner

・DIGIMON CON2023 Commemorative Product Announcement

■ For the ending, AiM’s live performance will be held! Product introduction after the ending live!



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