Promoting the charm of Hiroshima to the world with “Hiroshima Pasta” towards the G7 Summit! 2023

Promoting the charm of Hiroshima to the world with

Kagome Co., Ltd. will propose “Hiroshima Pasta” using Hiroshima’s famous seafood and agricultural products and tomato products for the “G7 Hiroshima Summit” to be held in Hiroshima Prefecture in May 2023.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Hiroshima Summit Citizens’ conference, they will disseminate the appeal of food ingredients produced in Hiroshima Prefecture to domestic and international audiences.

Hiroshima Prefecture is a region blessed with abundant seafood from the rich Seto Inland Sea and thriving agriculture taking advantage of its warm climate.

Therefore, Kagome takes this opportunity of the “G7 Hiroshima Summit” to showcase the appeal of local food ingredients through “Hiroshima Pasta” made with the prefecture’s abundant seafood (oysters, conger eels, sardines, whitebait, clams, oniokoze, black sea bream, rockfish) and agricultural products (lemons, Hiroshima greens, komatsuna greens, etc.) and combined with tomato products, creating a red pasta dish that is enjoyed worldwide.

Kagome will propose “Hiroshima Pasta” to restaurants and hotels in Hiroshima Prefecture and disseminate information about “Hiroshima Pasta” on its official SNS, including the stores that offer it. Additionally, to make “Hiroshima Pasta” available for enjoyment at home, POP displays and recipes will be provided at supermarkets, etc., to disseminate it.

Kagome will cooperate with the Hiroshima Summit citizens’ conference and disseminate the deliciousness and appeal of Hiroshima’s famous products through “Hiroshima Pasta” in its familiar red color in preparation for the “G7 Hiroshima Summit” and aim to revitalize the local food culture.

“Hiroshima Oysters and Hiroshima Komatsuna Tomato Cream Pasta”

Promoting the charm of Hiroshima to the world with

“Tomato pasta with Koiwashi and Komatsuna from Hiroshima Prefecture”

Promoting the charm of Hiroshima to the world with

“Cold” tomato lemon pasta with whitebait and Hiroshima greens

Promoting the charm of Hiroshima to the world with


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