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How to say “Green” in Japanese

Midori (緑) Romaji: Midori Hiragana:みどり Katakana:ミドリ Kanji: 緑 In Japanese, green things are often referred to as “blue.” For example, green vegetables such as spinach and Japanese mustard spinach are called “blue vegetables (青菜),” and green apples are called “blue apples (青リンゴ).” A traffic light is one of them, and …

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How to say “Blue” in Japanese

Ao (青) Romaji: Ao Hiragana:あお Katakana:アオ Kanji: 青 Like the Japanese words “youth (青春),” “green leaves (青葉),” and “green light (青信号),” the word “blue (青)” is synonymous with “green (緑)” in modern Chinese. How to say “Light Blue” in Japanese Romaji : Mizuiro Hiragana:みずいろ Katakana:ミズイロ Kanji: 水色 ・私は水色のワンピースが欲しいです Watashi ha …

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