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Mumin Wooden Headphone

DATA Mumin Snufkin Product Name: Mumin Wooden Headphone ムーミン 木目調ヘッドフォン (Japanese) In Stores: June, 2017 Types : Mumin and Snufkin

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17 Japanese confections associated with kinako ingredient

Wagashi, the traditional Japanese confectionary, is renowned for its variety of generous categories. No matter what kind it is, wagashi is always reminiscent of a popular and excellent soybeans product, “kinako”, the roasted, finely-milled and dried soybean flour with a toasted, warm and nutty aroma, which always reminds our peanut …

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Discover the best matcha confectionery in Tokyo

As a cosmopolitan city, Tokyo is renowned as a gourmet paradise. In par-ticular, matcha confectionery is one of the delicacies cherished by both visi-tors and local Japanese. Matcha is a kind of traditional Japanese green tea and is made of tea leaves and crushed into powder, bringing immense benefits to …

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