Lars Nootbaar appears in new “in Bar” TV commercial, airing nationwide in Japan from April 28, 2023

Morinaga & Company, Ltd. will air a new TV commercial nationwide for its “in Bar” brand starting on April 28th (Friday), providing convenient protein supplementation anytime, anywhere.

The new commercial features professional baseball player Lars Nootbaar (St. Louis Cardinals), who appears as the “Nootbaar” player inside the Bar packaging. Pay close attention to Nootbaar’s narration in the commercial.

Overview of the Commercial

The comical commercial features Nootbaar emerging from inside the “in Bar” package, with the narration “in BAR in BAR in BAR… Eat, Nootbaar!!!” Be sure to watch Nootbaar’s facial expressions as he pops out!

Comments from Nootbaar

・What are your thoughts on signing an advertising contract with Morinaga, a Japanese company, this time?
I was thrilled to receive the offer and felt that Japan became even closer to me. It’s an honor to partner with Morinaga.

・Do you have any products from Morinaga that you are interested in or recommend?
Hi-Chew. I ate it a lot when I went to Japan as a child, and it’s still my favorite now that I’m back in the US.

・Can you share your thoughts on the CM shoot?
It was fantastic and enjoyable. The team was great, and the shoot went smoothly. The product was also excellent. When everyone’s energy collided, it was perfect. It was a fun day!

・Is there a particular point in the CM that you want viewers to pay attention to?
It’s a fun and playful CM. The part where I raise my arm and say, “in BAR, I love it!” is especially good.

・Did you talk to your parents or anyone else about appearing in Morinaga’s CM?
I let my parents know as soon as I received the offer from Morinaga, and they were both pleased. Working with a company like Morinaga was always my goal, so my parents and I were thrilled.

・What is your impression of “in BAR” protein?
It’s helpful for athletes like me, aiding in physical training and recovery during the season. I’m excited to work with a company that produces “in Bar” protein.

・Did you know that in BAR protein, Baked Chocolate doesn’t melt?
I didn’t know that. That’s great! It’s another beautiful feature of “in Bar” protein.

・Can you give a brief message to those who have seen this CM?
I want viewers to enjoy the CM as much as I did. We created a fantastic team and a humorous CM. I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone. in BAR, I love it!

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