What is the top review that Japanese people consider when choosing a randoseru?

This time, we will announce the results of a survey by the media “Kuchikomi no Mori” on what kind of reviews about randoseru people aged ten and older in Japan refer to when choosing a randoseru.

What is the top review that Japanese people consider when choosing a randoseru? [2023 Survey Report]

Survey outline

Survey target: Men and women over the age of 10

Survey date: March 2023

Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet

Number of people surveyed: 100 (84 women and 16 men)

1st place: Lightness

What is the top review that Japanese people consider when choosing a randoseru? [2023 Survey Report]https://jafmate.co.jp/review/

According to the survey results on what kind of reviews to refer to when choosing a randoseru, “lightness” ranked first.

・” As children start carrying a randoseru at seven, parents want to minimize the burden by choosing a backpack that is as light as possible.” (Female, 40s)

・”Carrying a randoseru to school is already tough enough, especially during the hot summer when your back gets sweaty. Therefore, lightness is essential”. (Female, 40s)

・”Design is evident by looking at the picture, but we need to read reviews to understand how light a randoseru is. As we use it for six years, we want to purchase something that does not burden our children”. (Female, 30s)

The most frequently cited aspect among the reviews was “lightness,” as it is difficult to understand its weight without using it in person.

2nd place: Durability

・” As a randoseru is expected to be mistreated, I think it should be durable.” (Male, 30s)

・” As a randoseru is a long-term investment, we prioritize durability. If not, it will become unusable quickly”. (Female, 30s)

・”As we have used it every day for six years, we prioritize resistance to deformation and durability. We don’t want it to become unusable mid-term, and it is not something we can replace easily due to its price”. (Female, 30s)

The second most cited aspect was “resistance to deformation and durability,” as parents want to choose something that lasts six years of daily use and is not easily replaceable.

3rd place: Ease of use

・”We already knew the quality and durability of the randoseru we wanted to buy, so we checked the reviews to see whether it is easy to use for the child.” (Female, 30s)

・” As children will use the randoseru for six years, we want to choose something easy to use and will not be a burden for them.” (Male, 30s)

・”A randoseru is an item that will be used almost every day, so we check the ease of use to ensure that children can use it comfortably.” (Female, 30s)

The third most cited aspect was “ease of use,” as parents want to ensure their children can use the randoseru without difficulties.

4th place: Storage capacity

・”Recently, I have to carry my tablet in my randoseru (Japanese school bag), so I prefer something that can hold not only my tablet but also textbooks, notes, and is also lightweight, if possible.” (Female, 40s)

・”Since the weight of the school bag has reached half of the child’s body weight, I focus on lightweight, but I also want to know if the bag can hold everything I need. Reviews help provide specific information about the storage capacity.” (Female, 40s)

・”Looks alone are not enough for a randoseru. I want to know how many textbooks can fit inside, whether they are packed tightly or not, and use this as a reference.” (Female, 30s)

5th place: Fit

・”Since small children carry the school bag every day, the fit is the most important thing to ensure that it does not cause stress on their body.” (Female, 40s)

・”I learned that the weight of the bag can be half of the child’s body weight, so while focusing on the lightness, it is important to find a bag that fits well when filled with items.” (Female, 30s)

・”I think the fit varies depending on the child’s body size, so I refer to reviews of people with children of similar body types.” (Female, 40s)

6th place: Design

・”As a parent, I want to prioritize storage capacity, fit, and price, but I feel that children choose the bag based on their favorite colors and patterns.” (Female, 30s)

・”Since the randoseru has been used for six years, I want to buy a design (color, pattern, etc.) that the child likes.” (Female, 30s)

・”Is the traditional shape of the randoseru good or the modern one? Although both have advantages and disadvantages, it is important not to decide based on current emotions since it has been used for six years.” (Male, 40s)

7th place: Warranty

・”I buy a randoseru to use it for a long time, and it is not cheap. So, the aftercare is the most important thing to me. I am concerned about the warranty content and how solid it is.” (Female, 30s)

・”Although the design chosen by the child is important, I will rely on reviews to choose a warranty because it is used for six years.” (Female, 30s)

・”Since it is something that will be used every day for a long time, I want to focus on the credibility and whether it comes with a warranty or not.” (Female, 40s)

8th place: Quality

・”My child sometimes comes home wet even though I tell them to use an umbrella, so I prefer something of good quality.” (Female, 20s)

・”I want something that is of good quality, durable, and does not easily break since it is used for a long time. It is also good if it is made of a material that dries quickly.” (Male, 30s)

The 8th place was “quality.” Since it is something that children will use, many people want to choose a high-quality randoseru that lasts long.


According to a survey conducted with 100 people, 36.4% of respondents answered “lightweight” as their desired feature for a school backpack. Some of the reasons cited for this preference included wanting a backpack that wouldn’t be a burden since they’ve been using backpacks since they were young and that user reviews are a good reference for the actual weight of the backpack.

Since a school backpack carries many items, it’s best to choose a backpack that is as light as possible. If you’re looking to choose a backpack based on user reviews, here are some essential points to consider:

Weight: Look for reviews that specifically mention the weight of the backpack. Some users may even compare the weight of different backpacks, which can be very helpful.

Durability: While weight is important, choosing a backpack that can withstand the rigors of daily use is also important. Look for reviews that mention the backpack’s durability, particularly if you’re investing in an expensive model.

Comfort: Users may also mention the backpack’s comfort, particularly if it’s lightweight. Look for reviews that mention shoulder strap padding, back padding, and overall ergonomics.

Size and capacity: A backpack that is too small or too large may not be ideal for your needs. Look for reviews that mention the backpack’s size and capacity, particularly if you need to carry many books or other items.

Considering these factors when reading user reviews, you can find a lightweight school backpack that meets your needs and preferences.

Source: https://jafmate.co.jp/review/

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